Renovating your House? What is the best materials you can install on your home?

Cedar Shakes

While we specialize in metal roofing services, we do believe cedar shake and shingles are some of the most beautiful roofing materials you can install on your home. These wood shingles are a bit different than the materials we typically use, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t any less skilled at installing them. Give our team at SB7 General Contractor LTD a call for the best cedar roofing shake in Edmonton, AB.

Metal roofs come with many benefits, but cedar shake roofing comes with its own set of strengths. First off, nothing compares to the rustic appearance offered by heavy cedar shakes. These quality roofing materials are just as durable as they beautiful. Additionally, they offer natural insulation and can withstand heavy and severe storm systems. Although this is a rather expensive roofing material, you will be happy with your investment! Some clients even enjoy watching the colors shift as the wood ages.

While some roofing materials can crack, splinter, and erode – cedar wood remains to be one of the most enduring roofing materials on the market. With a solid foundation and meticulous installation, a cedar shake roof will remain as resilient as a steel roof.

Whether you’re remodeling, starting a roof replacement or just undertaking new construction, we would like all of our clients to consider cedar shake installation as a roofing option. Although the color does fade to a majestic silver / gray tone, cedar wood will last longer than other materials such as asphalt.

For a durable, beautiful roofing solution the experts at SB7 General Contractor LTD suggest cedar roofing. Give us a call and confer with our specialists about which shingle style is right for you.

Renovating your House? What is the best materials you can install on your home?

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