Metal Roofing

With our metallurgists and custom metal fabricators, we have been able to create custom roofing for any home or building. Whether it’s residential or commercial, count on SB7 General Contractor LTD for the best custom metal roofing in Edmonton, AB. We’ve been providing custom metal roofs for our clients for many years, and through our experience we have become one of the most successful roofing companies in Alberta!

With metal roofing, we give clients something that is durable and aesthetically pleasing. Metal roofing panels or metal roof systems often last a lifetime. While the initial installation can be expensive, these roofs will definitely give you a return on your investment. Metal roofs are among the most weather resistant materials. Our metal roofs can shrug off high winds, hail, and the fiercest gales.

Our main team is comprised of two parts: our custom sheet metal welders and our sheet metal installers. With our team, we have been able to create professional and reliable roofing solutions. We can create ultra-modern style roofing, traditional roofing and everything in between. Our metallurgists are skilled enough to work in a variety of metals including aluminum, copper, steel, and even zinc. Consult with our team if you need or desire a specific design for your new roof!

While metal is a poor insulator (since it is highly conductive), our fabricators and installers work together to create a design that mitigates severe changes in temperature. When you hire SB7 General Contractor LTD you are hiring a team of experts in the field. We’ll design, fabricate and install a custom metal roof that meets and exceeds your expectations. Consult with our specialists today for the best in custom metal roofing.

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